Staying Motivated in Dance

Stay motivated to dance! We all have lazy, low energy days or “no interest days” that we battle now and then (some more than others),  that is why we work together to keep each other in check! Here are some handy tips to keep that inspiration alive:

  1. Watch Dancing- There are many fabulous videos and tutorials online, You Tube is a happy place for me! See a show, even if it isn’t your genre…you will be amazed at how inspiring and motivating watching other dancers can be.
  2. Create or Purchase New Costumes- One of the most exciting parts of Dance are the costumes, especially in Belly Dance! From glitter and glam to the captivating and intriguing styles of Steampunk and Tribal Fusion garb. A new look or accessory to wear to class is always welcomed!
  3. Study and Practice with a New Prop- When I get bored of the same old, I learn something new! There are many props to use in Belly Dance, Veils, Fan Veils, Zills, Isis Wings, Candles, Canes….the list goes on. A new prop can open doors you never expected, so enjoy your home study time!
  4. Find New Music- I spend hours upon hours searching for new tunes for class and for choreography.  Soundcloud, You tube and I tunes are a few places online that I visit more than once or twice a week. Sometimes just some headphones and a relaxing space is all you need, enjoy!
  5. Have Other Hobbies- Yes, you are allowed to do other activities! Sewing, Painting, Sketching, Yoga, Hiking….so much to see and do. Enjoying other hobbies will only make you a strong, well-rounded Dancer that doesn’t feel weighed down by one activity.
  6. Just Get Up and Dance- Last but never least, if all else fails just get up and shake it! I dance in the kitchen while doing dishes, down the hallway, and even practice moves in the bubble bath. You have nothing to lose but calories, and will only get better every week. Come and show off your new skills in Class!