How Belly Dance Can Boost Your Life!

Why do we Belly Dance, and what are the Benefits?

Dance allows people to be more active, to socialize and develop creative and physical skills.  Increasing exercise and dancing reduces stress levels, builds stronger bones & muscles, improves relaxation and sleep, maintains a healthy brain and aids in weight control. Not to mention, it gives you something to look forward to each week!

We all should be getting at least one hour of physical activity per day. What better way to do that, than to dance! Indulge in the culture, study other dancers, and find amazing music along the way. Our class runs every Tuesday, and there are 2 hours to utilize the studio time, so take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you are a performer. There are 168 hours in a week, take 2 hours not only for you, but for our Troupe. Enjoy these captivating moments we share.

Make new friends while enjoying this creative, beautiful and unique art form. Learn to work in a group, improve dance technique, and wear wonderful costumes! We have a tight knit group of ladies in our Troupe, we share all kinds of music, videos and costuming ideas to keep it interesting and progressive!

Performing is an option, but highly recommended. After a while, your confidence will build and soar to new heights. We are always welcoming new students, if you would just like to get out and move once a week, or take it a step further and perform with our Troupe, we are here and welcome you!