by admin / on 13 July, 2021

Core Muscle Groups of Belly Dance- Abdominals

Belly dancing targets the deepest layer of muscles in the stomach known as the transverse abdominis; the complex movements associated with this type o...
by admin / on 15 January, 2018

Belly Dancing – MYTH #1

by admin / on 4 January, 2018

How Belly Dance Can Boost Your Life!

Why do we Belly Dance, and what are the Benefits? Dance allows people to be more active, to socialize and develop creative and physical skills.  In
by admin / on 30 December, 2017

Belly Dancing for Cross-Training

How can Belly Dancing make you a better Athlete, Dancer and Performer? Balance + Flexibility + Agility + Endurance + Style No matter what your pa...
by admin / on 23 October, 2017

International Dance Gala Nov. 28th 7pm

We are preparing for 2 pieces in this wonderful celebration of Dance at the Sid Theater, Nov 28th at 7pm. Hope to see you there!  
by admin / on 3 April, 2017

Staying Motivated in Dance

Stay motivated to dance! We all have lazy, low energy days or "no interest days" that we battle now and then (some more than others),  that is why we
by admin / on 27 March, 2017

Loving Yourself~ Tips for Self-Love

When you feel good, your whole life changes for the positive and can have some major impacts in many areas of life.  A  little spring in your step may
by admin / on 16 March, 2017

The Benefits Belly Dance

The benefits of Belly Dance are truly endless, besides the culture, the glitter, sparkles, costumes and amazing music....there are so many more reason...
by admin / on 7 March, 2017


The movement which we call the Figure Eight is smooth, sensual, serpentine and perhaps the most popular and most accessible of all slower movements in...
by admin / on 7 March, 2017


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