Belly Dancing for Cross-Training

How can Belly Dancing make you a better Athlete, Dancer and Performer?

Balance + Flexibility + Agility + Endurance + Style

No matter what your passion is, whether it be activities like Flow Arts, Pole Dancing, Kickboxing, or Martial Arts (to name a few) Belly Dance can greatly enhance your performance. Have you ever heard of Football Players taking Ballet Classes? Well, it’s true! Creative Dance exercise also improves body awareness through imagery and visualization, the cognitive benefits are endless.

Belly Dancing is a very controlled, isolated form of Dance that takes practice and determination, but anyone can do it. When you learn to isolate muscle groups and use them effectively, great things start to happen. The ancient art of this dance can greatly enhance your performance not only on the field, but on the stage too. These mystical moves inspire performers of any kind, but also adds to your form and placement of torso, hips, legs, feet, arms and hands for a more appealing and smoother presentation.

I always encourage my students to try different dance forms or cross-training to improve their Belly Dancing skills, and also encourage other instructors to instill the importance of a variety of genres for their student’s growth.

Make Belly Dance a part of your workout routine!