What is Fusion Belly Dance?



Fusion: the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.

Therefore, blending multiple Dance styles into one creation.

This is the product of an intricate and extended dance journey, endless creativity and the passion to share it with the universe.



Temple Bellyfusion Dance Program Inspired by

• Fusion Belly Dance  • Cabaret Belly Dance  • Urban • Contemporary • Jazz

About Aileen

42 Years of Dance began at age 6 and still continues today. Studies and/or inspirations include Belly Dance, Jazz, Tap, Irish Jig, Ballet, Contemporary, Burlesque and Urban Dance Styles. Her love of teaching began 15 years ago, when she welcomed beginner dancers into a tiny home studio in the lower level of her home. Today, Aileen has taught numerous (400+) students how to Belly Dance, and has created her own style called “Temple Bellyfusion”. A style of low-impact Dance that can be taught to mixed level participants at any age or fitness level.

Aileen claims, there is no reason why multiple genres cannot be blended into one fabulous piece of Performance Art, Dance Studies and a great Workout! Come and give it a try, the classroom is always a warm, friendly safe zone. We all work to improve our techniques, relax, burn stress, and let creativity flow.